Firefighters are there for us in the worst hours of our lives, so we are honored to be there for them in their worst hours. The programs of the San Diego Fireman's Relief Association require support from donors like you to continue serving our Firefighters and families during these difficult times. 

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program (CAPP)

The Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program (CAPP) is a program of FirefighterAid, supported by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD), Local 145, San Diego Fireman's Relief Association, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. CAPP was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose to reinforce best practices of Firefighters in the workplace specializing in Clean Air, Clean Body, and Clean Gear. The program includes a mandatory cancer training class and video that all SDFD personnel must attend and watch, warning identifiers, behavioral and cultural changes to prevent cancer and posters of peers strategically placed throughout every SDFD Fire Station and Apparatus. Most importantly, CAPP is on a mission to break down stereotypes of what it means to be a Firefighter and how to protect themselves every day from the threat of cancer.

Join FirefighterAid in our fight to protect our Firefighters from the cancers that chase them while they are saving lives and helping us in our time of need. Help us save the life of those who save our lives.


At FirefighterAid we pride ourselves on the help we are honored to give to fallen Firefighters, widows, children, and family members who have been left behind. We help heroes and their families. If you are seeking assistance from FirefighterAid, please let us know which of our giving guidelines you qualify for:


  • Must be an active duty career or volunteer Firefighter within San Diego County. 

  • Must be a retired career Firefighter within San Diego County. 

  • Must be a dependent spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child of an active duty career or volunteer Firefighter within San Diego County

  • Must be the victim of a fire loss from a fire related emergency that affects two or more cites in San Diego County. 

  • Must be the victim of a fire loss from a fire related emergency where a local state of emergency has been declared. 

  • Firefighter who was killed in the line of duty who's traumatic injuries are the direct and proximal result of emergency operations.

Aging Heroes

Aging Heroes is a program which provides supportive care and resources to low-income elderly Firefighters and widows. These elder community servants have been exposed to significant health hazards before modern safety equipment. Many are shut-ins and do not have the social or practical support necessary to meet their most basic needs, such as transporation to doctors appointments, meals, handicapped accessible homes, and more. Aging Heroes ensures that our elder public servants do not slip through the cracks.

The Last Alarm

Honors the service and sacrifice of our local heroes and provides funerary support to widows and surviving family members through a variety of initiatives and projects: 

  • Ceremonial presentation of a flag and bible to the widow or surviving family members at funerary services of the deceased

  • Policy advocacy which promotes supportive care and services for widows and surviving family

The San Diego Memorial Society is a local non-profit organization which protects consumers and families by securing fixed and reduced costs for a variety of funerary services. Spare your family difficult and painful decisions at this sensitive time by making pre-need arrangements, or be assured that your family won't be taken advantage of at the time of need. For more details visit the SDMS website